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MRO Tools Tracking System

The increased complexity and unpredictability of the MRO (Maintenance and Repair Organizations) business has made the sustainability of MROs a strong challenge today.

Bartronics solutions are designed and developed from the ground-up for the MRO Industry. We offer an integrated suite of Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) tracking solutions, improving visibility and control with Track operations, warranty and associated labor, material & miscellaneous costs.

Bartronics state-of-the-art tool management and inventory control software works in conjunction with our line of RFID and Barcode tracking devices, and other advanced products to create an all-in-one solution.


  • Automates tracking of tools check in and check out
  • Provides accurate tool locations and quantities
  • Facilitate kitting and sub kits of tools, parts & serialized tools
  • Receiving and registration of new tools on purchase orders
  • Performing stock take and cycle count
  • Generating alters for tools checked out on extended period
  • Providing detail audit trail on tools usage


  • Improved visibility and control of tools
  • Improved planning and utilization of tools
  • Reduce downtime due to non availability of tools
  • Automated tracking of tools in and out of the storage room