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Access Control

Access Control System

Securing premises from unwanted guests and protecting staff and assets is a big issue for any company. An Access control system from Bartronics offers safety features with the added advantage of linking into Time and Attendance systems.

Access Control is a key to safe working environment; employers today are expected to provide adequate security measures to protect staff and Company assets. We can provide an Access Control solution tailored to the demands of modern security issues in today's world. Your business and your employees need the best protection available. Bartronics offers affordable cost effective Access Control System that utilizes the very latest Biometric and Smart Card Technology giving you peace of mind that you are doing all you can to ensure your business premises and staff remain safe and secure at all times.

Supported Technologies:

  • Magnetic
  • Barcode
  • Smart Card (Proximity, Mifare, HID etc.)
  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Iris Recognition
  • Facial Recognition

Bartronics access control software is a powerful tool, enabling complete control over both employees and workplace. It enables you to limit access to any specified area; to see - in real time - the exact location of any individual; and to produce custom reports on location and movement of all persons for security purposes.

Access Control software for real-time reporting and notification of any possible security breaches or threats, from single door to multiple doors, CCTV surveillance, fire alarm links enabling a fire report to be automatically printed to any designated printer upon activation of your fire alarm.

Access Control System Features:

  • Permits only authorized access to predefined areas
  • Identify individual or groups requesting access, grants/denies access and records access attempts
  • Provides comprehensive set of access monitoring procedures administered by state of art hardware and software
  • Alert Management: Breaking and entry/ door open/attempt of illegal entry (audio, SMS, email)
  • Highly Sophisticated Identification ensuring ultimate accuracy: Fingerprint, Facial, Contact/Contactless smartcard, Proximity, magnetic, Barcode
  • Ease of Use combined with Fast throughput
  • Standalone or network configuration
  • Reports all transactions online
  • Multi-user/Multi-tasking
  • Unlimited access security groups and time zones
  • Generates complete user-defined reports
  • Relates pre-stored personal photo to card holder
  • Indicates events on a graphic map of any secured area

Access Control System Benefits:

  • Prevention of unauthorized access to sensitive locations
  • Optimization of working time
  • Detailed operational instructions procedures to the onsite personnel for efficient event handling
  • Enforces security procedures implementation
  • A powerful tool for investigating occurrences such as theft, abuse, theft of information, etc.
  • Prevents database duplication
  • Eliminates the need for double enrolling by collecting data from external databases, such as T&A or HR software, and updating terminals automatically
  • Easy control over guards
  • Muster evacuation management
  • SMS messaging
  • Integration with alarm system
  • Emergency fire reports supported
  • Connectable to any external 3rd party software
  • Option for exporting transaction files to external programs
  • Automatic door open/close scheduling per each reader