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Asset Management

Asset Management System

Asset tracking enables organizations to know exactly what components they own, lease or control, as well as how those components are being used throughout their life cycle, from acquisition all the way through dispatch.

Bartronics proven Asset Management solution delivers measurable value and major cost savings to organizations by providing a comprehensive and structured approach to the long-term management of assets from valuation, purchase and operation to the sale of assets to enable efficient and effective delivery of services in line with your strategic objectives.

Asset Management is an area where lot of information is required to be entered into the system to keep track of assets. The Manual data entry into the system is automated using AIDC technologies like Barcodes, RFID in integration of Asset Management system.

With Bartronics solution users can:

  • Locate assets within the premises
  • Count assets in defined areas at a given time
  • Visualize the location on a map or on a building diagram
  • Reconstruct location history of assets
  • Integrate location information with reader information
  • Detect events and create alerts
  • Generate reports
  • View the assets in different map styles – Customized to user requirement
  • View real-time counts for all the zones
  • Classify assets based on attributes
  • Import asset data from external databases / Legacy systems

A Complete Bartronics Asset Management Solution will eliminate Waste by

  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Savings made by Contract consolidation
  • Increased Depreciation rebates
  • Reduced Audit Time
  • Savings in Procurement Process
  • Missing Equipment Found
  • Over Spending Highlighted
  • Ensured Validity