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Collision Report

Collision Report

Every officer who investigates a vehicle accident shall submit a written report of such accident. Officer interviews drivers, passengers and witness. Officer then fill out the Accident Report form and diagram the accident Scene.

Bartronics Accident Report solution automates traffic accident management process. It provides a fast and easy way to collect vital Accident information at the scene. The location of accident is tracked using GPS coordinates. The solution Incorporates comprehensive drawing component to generate traffic accident diagrams.

Solution Features:

  • Incorporates comprehensive drawing component to generate traffic accident diagrams
  • Capture digital photos and attach them to the accident report.
  • Officers can check if driver has any past record and also determine if the vehicle was stolen.
  • Officer can record witness statement right at the scene
  • Additional features such as Magnetic Card Readers, Bar Code Scanner, Imager, are also available to quickly and accurately collect Driver and Vehicle information.
  • Uploads the information to a central server for further analysis and investigation.
  • Copy of report can be electronically transmitted to insurance company


  • Proactive identification of common hazard areas having frequent collisions
  • Increase operational efficiency of law enforcement officers
  • Build a knowledge base that can provide valuable inputs for trend analysis and to support decision making.