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Document Tracking Solution

Document Tracking System

A Blend of RFID & Barcode technologies has led to a revolution in document tracking. It is especially useful in scenarios where the documents are of high value to the organization and the loss of which can impact profitability heavily.

Bartronics Document tracking & management solution enable organizations to efficiently track and management documents in any environment. It automates document tracking using RFID, improves operational efficiency and reducing cost incurred losing important documents. The solution comprises of the following components

  • Passive UHF RFID tags affixed on files and documents
  • Fixed RFID readers for automatically tracking movement of documents at chokepoints and in storage rooms
  • Mobile RFID reader for mapping file to RFID tags, Inventory count , searching & locating file
  • Web based document management software

Solution Features:

  • Track the life cycle of documents with complete audit trail
  • Auto check in/out of documents
  • Manage user and permissions
  • Search and locate the tagged documents
  • Inventory and locations of documents in storage room can be quickly updated using mobile RFID reader
  • Triggering notifications based on the business rules if document is overdue

Potential Benefits include:

  • Improve the Tracking of Documents in offices and among Departments
  • Save time and labor in finding documents
  • Improve security of documents with proper accountability
  • Reduce cost and improve Visibility & operational efficiency