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Current system of traffic enforcement is manual and hand written fines are issued to lawbreakers. A copy of fine is then sent to back office along-with detained documents. The offender is supposed to pay the fine against the offence committed by visiting the back office or at court. With ever-increasing traffic, monitoring offences and collecting fines manually has become a daunting task for traffic police.

Bartronics Traffic Citation Management System Provides a robust, stable, flexible, and scalable end-to-end solution that could best meet the growing needs of quick and accurate reporting in a mobile environment.

Traffic Police is Equipped with a wireless Hand held device to issue fine on the spot, electronically. Police officers can check if an offender has any past record and also determine if the vehicle was stolen or whether the driver had incurred any fine that is still unpaid. The Police officer can generate an immediate bill, print and issue it and collect the payment on the spot. Fine data is seamlessly transferred the central server for further processing and reporting.


  • Improve Data Accuracy, Enhance Decision Making
  • Reduce human error and Enhance Accountability
  • Tracking of repeat and habitual violators, fine that is still unpaid
  • Interface to Vehicle database anywhere anytime
  • Easy reconciliation of cash/seized documents
  • Availability of statistics at any point of time for analysis