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The Public Distribution System in India plagued with several malpractices which prevent the benefits from reaching the intended beneficiaries and also result in revenue loss for the Government. Bartronics solution provides Centralized Online Real-time Electronic PDS to improve efficiency & transparency in supplying commodities to the beneficiaries.

Public distribution solutions can take on a variety of formats, including mobile handheld terminals, self-service terminals, and temporary and permanent staffed facilities. Bartronics can support each of these approaches with an appropriate biometric authentication solution. Biometric systems for managing identities in public distribution systems have the potential to save costs, ensure goods and services reach the intended users and make the public program extremely accessible.

Our solution consists of Smart Card as Ration Card, an agent assisted portable teller machine for carrying out simple transactions in rural/urban environment, back end server software, enrollment software and MIS report generator. The system authenticates through live fingerprint (Biometric), and non-repudiation through transaction slip printouts. It also provides voice guidance in vernacular language to assist rural illiterate.

Solution Features

  • Biometric Smart Card acts as Ration card
  • Beneficiary swipes the card & Terminal authenticates the customer using Biometrics
  • Available balance commodity details are shown in the POS
  • FPS personnel enters commodities being issued with card swiping
  • Once commodities issued, quantities are deducted from balances
  • SMS is given to the registered mobile
  • FPS periodically replenished by the commodities sold in that period

Benefits of the System:

  • Accurate and Real time information
  • Eliminates PDS exploitation
  • Paperless Operations
  • Daily status of consumption and inventory of commodity
  • Creates awareness among citizens on PDS
  • End to end monitoring on PDS leading to efficient consumption