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financial inclusion

Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion is delivery of financial services at affordable cost to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society. In rural areas, major inconveniences for the poor in accessing banking services include the cost of traveling long distances & waiting in long queues.

Technology plays an important role in achieving financial inclusion by providing banking services at the doorstep of clients through the BC (Business Correspondence) model. The accounts can be operated by even illiterate customers using their biometrics, thus ensuring the security of transactions and enhancing confidence in the banking system.

Bartronics is in the forefront in providing end to end Financial Inclusion solution to nationalized, private and rural banks across India. Our robust and scalable technology platform aligned with established business models at BC level enable banks to execute FI at large scale. Our Financial Inclusion solution consists of the following integrated components:

Smart Cards:
Each customer is provided a smart card that consists of details such as primary account number, Biometric and demographic details.

Point of Sale (POS) Device:
Allow customers to perform basic financial transactions using their smart cards. Unlike an ATM, the cash-in / cash-out functions of the device are performed by Agent, thus bringing down the cost of the device.

Utilizing vast outreach of mobile telecommunications networks (GSM, CDMA, etc) for last mile connectivity.

FI Gateway:
Works as a central Server for capturing all field activities performed at customer door step and Interface to CBS / Back end systems.

Bartronics Financial Inclusion Solution Features

  • Customers Management (Acquisition, Approval, Accounts, etc.)
  • BC Management (Acquisition, Documentation, Training, Performance)
  • Cash Management (Controls, Limits, Reports, In transit, etc.)
  • Transaction Management (Controls, Security, Integrity, CBS Integration,etc.)
  • Fraud Management (Multiple Enrollments, Duplicate Transactions, Cash Circulation, etc.)
  • Card and Key Management
  • Inventory Management (POS, Enrollment Stations, Cards)
  • Reporting and Reconciliation for Bank