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surgical tracking

Surgical Set Tracking System

The Hospital staff has been encountering issues galore in managing surgical sets containing wide spectrum of tools and equipment’s being used by medical staff as well as by paramedical staff. Some of these hassles are:

  • Ensuring that every surgical set is decontaminated
  • Ensuring that surgical set being used has gone through laid down processes
  • How many tools and equipment’s are out of order
  • who is using which set of surgical set
  • Flawless inventory of surgical sets onboard for government or internal audit
  • List of surgical set required in future

Bartronics Automated Surgical Set Tracking System offers accurate, effective and near real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities of the tagged surgical sets and medical items in Central Sterile facilities of the hospital. The system can be integrated with Hospital Information Systems (HIS), SPD equipment (decontamination, sterilization etc.) and Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS).

  • Track and manage surgical instruments sent to maintenance
  • Provide workflow management tool for defining policies and procedures
  • Enables recall management on an instrument level for infection control and prevention purposes, and for patient safety
  • Produce statistical analyses and reports on instrument and set utilization
  • Manage surgical instrument and packed set storage
  • Dashboard to alert predefined indicators, such as missing instruments, on time arrival of sets to OR, sets expected to SPD, and more


  • Easier tracking resulting in greater utilization
  • Eliminate missing or lost sets
  • Improved patient safety
  • Improved Quality Control and Workflow
  • Improved visibility and inventory of sets
  • Paperless operations