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Warehouse Management System

Bartronics Warehouse Automation & Management Solution efficiently manages warehouse and inventory from end to end. Our solutions integrate a package of RFID and Barcode devices to handle the inbound and outbound materials and equipment and sophisticated software to provide the most accurate, productive and flexible order fulfillment solution.

Key functionality:

Physically accepting items into the facility, staging, verifying quantity & condition and recording this information in the system.

Put- Away
Removing the items from the receiving dock, transporting them to a storage area for placement into a specific location recording this movement and identifying each step of the transaction.

Relocating material from a bulk storage area to an order pick storage area and documenting this relocation. Also tracking of the stock movement.

Order Selection
Selecting the shipping order, picking the required quantity of specific items for movement to a packing or loading area and tracking the movement.

Verifying and documenting order selection in terms of item number (Stock Keeping Unit –SKU) and quantity and then recoding the dispatch in the system.

Our solution features include:

  • Utilize tags on units and / or pallets to automate inbound logistics
  • Auto identify dock door and storage bays with location tags
  • Utilize bin and floor tags along with inputs to fork-lift operator via applications on the vehicle mounted display in order to perform Put-away/ order picking
  • Use a combination of unit / pallet tags + location tags to automate cycle counts and inventory mgmt
  • Use RFID portals and mobile applications to automate the inbound & outbound logistics process

Our solution Benefits:

  • Improved visibility of the inventory
  • Stock re-conciliation is easily done
  • Increased Operational Excellence
  • Coordinates and optimizes inventory accurately and ensure quality control
  • Eliminates time-consuming, manual checks in the warehouse
  • Increased productivity & Reduced opportunity cost
  • Reduced Sunk Costs
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction