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Business Correspondents

Bartronics offers comprehensive Business Correspondent services designed to meet the financial needs of the underprivileged, covering savings, credit, remittance, insurance, Mutual Funds, and pension products in a cost-effective manner, especially in untapped and unbanked areas.

In India, the lack of access to basic financial services remains a significant challenge, with a majority of the population classified as “Under Banked or Unbanked.” The Business Correspondent model plays a pivotal role in overcoming this challenge by enabling banks to provide doorstep delivery of services, particularly facilitating ‘cash in – cash out’ transactions in locations much closer to the rural population, thereby addressing the last-mile problem.

BC Services:

Bartronics’ Business Correspondent Services not only bridge the financial inclusion gap but also contribute to the efficient and secure delivery of a wide range of banking and financial products to the marginalized sections of society.