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Financial Inclusion system (FI)

Bartronics has established a robust technology platform to execute Financial Inclusion Services on a large scale. Our Financial Inclusion (FI) Solution is meticulously designed to support a wide variety of devices, including mobiles, tablets, and POS terminals, across different platforms and networks. It is built on open standards and proven technologies, ensuring true enterprise-grade extensibility and scalability.

Financial Inclusion Technology Features:

In rural areas, accessing banking services poses major challenges for the economically disadvantaged, including the cost of traveling long distances and waiting in lengthy queues. Technology plays a pivotal role in achieving financial inclusion by enabling branchless banking right at the doorstep of clients in remote or low population density areas.

Bartronics takes a lead role in providing cutting-edge banking technologies to banks and institutions across India. Financial inclusion, for us, goes beyond offering the entire range of banking services; it means ensuring that we provide investment, insurance, and pension opportunities to every single Indian, regardless of their size or remoteness.

FI Products: